Balanced Exercise for Better Health – Upper Body Workout

Balanced Exercise for Better Health – Upper Body Workout

upper body fitnessAre you a avid cyclist?  Or a nut for jogging?  Well, you are probably a very health conscious person who feels good and are happy with your health.  That is the feeling of most active people when it comes to their exercise routine.  But what if I told you you might be missing a key ingredient to your overall health.  You might call me crazy, but it is true.  Many people do not realize that their upper body strength is as important as the rest of their body.

If you are exercising regularly, but it is only using the lower half of your body, then your upper body is becoming weak by the day.  A balanced workout that is attentive to every part of your body is the key to having a well rounded workout routine.  An upper body workout like lifting weights, doing sit-ups, etc help you to have a strong upper body that can take the daily stress that you put on it.

You may be saying, “I don’t lift or over stress my upper body,” but that is a short sited view.  If you do not have your upper body in good condition, you risk having back problems, neck problems, or just becoming unable to accomplish simple task as you age. 

The shift is not that difficult.  All you need to do is make a conscious effort to make one of your workouts each week about the upper body.  If that seems daunting and/or boring, then use the area where you bike or run.  Many running trails have exercise equipment that you can use for push ups, pull ups or other exercises that balance your workout and address you upper body strength. 

So, congratulations on being a health and active individual.  Now, start analyzing your workout and make sure that you are giving attention to every part of your body.  One day when you are in your golden years, you will thank yourself for being a good friend to your it:)